The numero uno secret to writing magnetic copy (and it’s got nothing to do with headlines)

Quick, stop what you’re doing and listen up:

The worst thing a copywriter can do is jump in head strong with his copy and start writing.

Before he writes a lick of copy, he needs to know one thing: his market. What makes them tick. What makes them angry. And what drives them to action.

Trying to write copy without this crucial info is like telling a stylist to fix your hair without telling your expectations (would you like to have orange “fashion” streaks in your hair? I think not).

But with a little prep, you can ask some market questions that’ll make your copy leap out at your prospects and drive them to your money making order page.

So what should you be knowing before you start writing?

Well here are some questions that’ll give you an idea of what to know:

  • What keeps your prospects up at night (what problem is eating away at them?)?
  • What frustrates and/or infuriates them the most?
  • What’s their biggest and most relevant desire?
  • What do they worry about?

And so on.

Now here’s the key behind these questions – they indicate “direction.”

And depending on what you determine to be the biggest eyeball magnet for your particular market… one of those question’s answers will be the direction you base your copy on.

Got it?

In fact, every single piece of info you’ve got on your market and product or service you’re writing about is like this… they ALL indicate a direction you can take your copy.

And it’s the copywriter’s job to pick the best one.

And if you’re able to pick the platinum, cash factory “direction” amongst the noisy research you have… don’t be surprised if you double, triple or even 10 times the sales from your copy.

Now be honest, do you want to sift through your market data… your products… or your services… to find those golden nuggets to base your copy off of? So you can multiply your sales?

If not, why not let me do it? I’ll take my copy microscope and pull those money makers out and create copy your prospects will latch on to and spend real dough on.

Sound bueno? Then contact me here and let’s make you some money asap.

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