Copywriting Services

“Get web copy that attracts & converts (so you get more business & sales)”

You’ve probably got some great products or services for sell. And I bet you want to sell as much as possible.

…But does your current web copy make it so?

The key to smart copywriting

Copywriting can’t be done by just anybody.

It’s a craft that relies on:

  1. Well-crafted prose
  2. Solid understanding of persuasion & psychology
  3. Intense product or service knowledge, and
  4. Deep understanding of the target consumer

So while it’s possible for you to learn copywriting on your own…

…just know that it’s a craft that requires REAL dedication. So be prepared to invest hours of your precious time into it.

Copywriting Services

But why waste dozens or hundreds of hours learning copywriting when you can delegate to copywriting professionals?

I offer web copy services that’ll tell your business’s story in your voice. All the while compelling them do business with you.

So take a look at my web copy services below and then easily contact me for a free quote.

(Contact info is at the bottom of this page).

#1. Web copywriting

Web copy has one purpose – get people to take action. Whether that action is to subscribe to your website or buy your product or service, compelling web copy is crucial to the success of your business.

If you have a brand new website or lack crucial webpages (e.g. home page, about page, etc.), this is the service your looking for.

#2. Web copy editing

Maybe you’ve already got some web copy up on your website but it’s not converting well. In that case, you need to spruce up your web copy with proper copywriting fundamentals.

If that’s the case, then this service is what you’re looking for.

#3. Product descriptions

A good product description does more than just describes a product. It should draw you in and compel you to read the whole thing. And it should allow you to imagine your life bettered as a result of using the product or service.

So if your product isn’t converting into as many sales as they should be, then product description copy is what you’re looking for.

#4. Sales letters

There’s an old-school copywriting principle, “the more you tell, the more you sell.” But you can’t just throw up a bunch of “hype” filled web copy and expect to sell. People are repelled by that kind of “BUY IT TODAY!” web copy, so it’s important you get a professional to help you out.

So if you’re looking for long-form web copy that not only describes your product or service, but also compels people to buy, this is what you’re looking for.

Ready to get more conversions from your web copy?

Then contact me now so we can get started today.

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