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Here’s how you can meet your sales and marketing goals for 2017.

Hey there, since you’re here it looks like you’re interested in:

1. Generating leads for your products and services
2. Building profitable leads with email marketing, and
3. Boosting your profits with high-converting sales pages

That’s great. I offer a series of copywriting services that’ll do just that for you.

The key to your marketing success

Generally speaking, it’s smart to focus on the basics – the foundation of making money online.

You can think of them as the “Big 3.”

What are they?

1. The Landing/Squeeze Page
2. The Email Follow Up (email marketing), and
3. The Sales Letter

These are the bread and butter of making money online.

So if we’re talking about directly improving your bottom line, this is where it happens.

How? It’s simple – 1st you get a prospects email… then you nurture them (with email marketing)… then you send them to a sales letter when they’re ready.

Make sense?

(By the way, if you can offer great value in your emails, then you can send them to your product or service in each email… yes, it CAN be done… and it can done be almost daily).

Anyway, take a look below and see which services will help you achieve (and surpass!) your sales goals for 2017.

Copywriting Services

Sales Page/Letter – Long Copy. A page that directly sells a product or service. The profit building part of a sales funnel.
$1,000 – $4,000+

Landing Page. A page made for a specific conversion (e.g. getting an email). A crucial part of your online sales funnel.
$950 – $3,000+

Email – Long Copy. Emails that close the deal. Written to sell product directly and drive readers to the order page.
$600 – $2,800

Email – Short Copy. Emails that drive readers to a long-copy landing page or ordering page.
$250 – $2,000

Email Autoresponders. A series of emails, usually 3, 5, or 7 of them (sometimes more).
$150 – $1,000/email

E-newsletter/E-zine. Articles and editorial for an online magazine.
$250 – $1,000

Regular E-letters. A personal email from your client to his readers.
$100 – $300 per email

Website – Home/About Pages. The most important, high-trafficked pages of a website. Also the most difficult to write.
$1,200 – $2,800

Website – Other Pages
$600 – $1,200

Other types of writing? See below.

What Next?

If you didn’t see the service you were looking for (e.g. blog posts, ppc ads, direct mail, etc.), then ask me about it on my contact page. I’m sure we can work something out.

As for the rest of you, if you’re ready to start boosting your revenue this year…

Then contact me today to get started.

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