ATTENTION: The decision you make here will drastically change your marketing… for the better.

That means more leads… more profits… and more time for yourself (so you can relax a bit and focus on your own work)

Choosing the right service for your marketing needs means less headaches for yourself. Imagine being able to get ALL the copy you need to meet your marketing goals… so no rushing… and timely copy that meets (or exceeds) deadlines.

Even better, you’ll have direct-response copy. That means the goal is always, ALWAYS, to create a high-profit “response” in your marketing. And as a direct-response copywriter, I want… no, need, to know how effective the copy’s doing. That way I can improve it.

(i.e. Make it make more money).


  • Sales Page/Letter – Long Copy
  • Landing/Squeeze Page
  • Email – Long Copy
  • Email – Short Copy
  • Email Autoresponders (series)
  • Direct Mail Package, Lead Generation
  • Direct Mail Package, Mail Order
  • Website – Home/About Pages
  • Lead Generation Pieces (e.g. Special Reports, Brochures)
  • Blog Post
  • Direct-Marketing Consultation

By the way, if you’re looking to just “save” the most money (while simultaneously working with a copywriter who will actually generate more money from your marketing)… you can try your luck at sites like Fiverr or Elance.

I’m far from the most expensive copywriter… but I respect the knowledge and training I’ve accumulated, and expect to be compensated adequately.

Remember, this is about helping you improve your profits. I approach from a marketing perspective, and see how to best fit my copywriting services into your marketing process. I make sure to get that precious message/market timing perfect, so the copy perfectly enters the conversation going on in your customers head.

And when you’re in your customers head, you can guide them right to the sale.

What Next?

If you didn’t see the service you were looking for then simply ask me about it on my contact page. I’m sure we can work something out.

As for the rest of you, if you’re ready to start boosting your leads and profits…

Then contact me today to get started.