What Thomas Edison Can Teach You About Marketing

You know what sucks about success?

The embarrassing (even shameful) bridge of failures it’s supported with.

Thomas Edison was keenly familiar with this fact. Remember his 1,000 attempts to figure out the lightbulb? Sure, he played it off like he “learned” 1,000 ways not to do something…

…But I’m pretty sure he was pissed that it took so long to figure the damn thing out.

But there’s a crucial marketing lesson here.

What is it?

It’s that to have something awesome to offer, you’ve got test your butt off. And an awesome offer (delivered to the right audience with the right message) can = more moolah.

…And here’s the thing about moolah – it loves speed.

Money. Loves. Speed.

You can’t just spend weeks and months tweaking your marketing campaign. You’ve gotta get it out in the open as quickly as possible. You’ve gotta let the market inform you as to what they like – and dislike – about what you’ve got to offer and how you’re presenting it.

So test. Refine. Repeat.

The faster you can cycle through that process, the faster you can increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.


Because each iteration will create marketing that’s more relevant and engaging… towards your target market.

Clear as saram wrap?

Cool. But is that a task you’re up for? Are you able to test, refine, repeat… over and over again? Could you? Would you? If not, I have an idea – why not let me help you improve your marketing ROI?

A freelance copywriter like myself can take the load off your back so don’t have to stress so much. If that sounds good, give me a holler over at this location. I’ll gladly lend a copywriting hand that’ll ease your marketing days.

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