Business Blogging: 2 Quick Sources to Get You Started

Business-blogging-quick-clockI regularly contribute to other small-business websites about how to start and run a successful business blog.

What’s great is that the material applies to you guys also, so I figured it’d be smart to let you guys check out blog posts I’ve written on other small-business blogs as well. So I took the liberty of compiling 2 articles for you guys to check out.

I went ahead and briefly summarized each article, so you can see if you want to read the article on your own or not.

I’m sure you’ll find the material useful, so please take a look.

1. 5 Tips For Writing A Blog Post That Saves Your Business Time And Money

In this article I wrote out 5 tactics for reducing the time and energy that go into writing a blog post.

In it, I emphasize the usage of templates for both headlines and the blog post itself. So if you’re interested in more efficient business blogging (i.e. blogging that requires less time to write), this post is right up your alley.

2. 6 Resources You Need To Create A Lead-Generating Business Blog Today

In this blog post I try to reduce the confusion of your first venture into business blogging.

Since there’s tons of blogging resources out there, I went ahead and reduced it to the 6 essentials needed for making a successful blog.

So if you’re just starting out and are confused on how to start your business blog, this is for you.

That’s all for now

Those two posts will help you get your business blogging started. Give them a read and I’m sure you’ll be able to get the ball rolling easily.


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