About Me

There’s only one thing I want for you and your marketing efforts… to improve them.

To help you generate leads… and build your profits.

And how do I do that?

With powerful, time-tested copywriting based on proven principles.

What’s so important about that? It means the copy is built on a solid foundation… a moneymaking foundation.

(In other words, these principles have been forged in the fires of big-money business… and have REPEATEDLY created streams of high incomes for them).

That alone could improve your sales.

And as a marketer, what more could you want?

But before I go on, let me first say…

…That my specialty niche is in personal-development.

So motivational services… goal-achieving products… productivity systems… fitness  programs… and supplements (I’m a big keto fan)… and so on… are where I especially know more than the average copywriter.

(And wouldn’t you know it, I happen to be a customer that’s invested personal time, energy, and money into all those things… meaning I have secret insight into all those markets).

But if those aren’t your niches…

…Don’t worry – copywriting principles (when properly applied) work in ANY niche around. You can skip down below to the section “from blogger to copywriter” to get a sense of my training and background.

Or you can feel free to skip on to my services page to see which high profit copywriting services you can apply to your marketing endeavors. Or even just get straight to contacting me here so we can get started today.


Here’s a little backround on me…

When it comes to personal development, I don’t want to just read about it… or even just apply it.

I love the self-help and personal development field so much that I’ve written about it online… and I’ve been doing it for years!

Not just on my own blog either. I’ve guest posted on various personal development blogs as well.

(Some of the biggest ones around).

Here’s a few of them:

1. Dumblittleman (HUGE in the personal development field)
2. Lifehack.org (another heavy hitter)
3. Pickthebrain (and one more contender in this industry)

I’ve loved sharing my own advice on self-help and personal development. But now I want to help businesses share their life-altering products and services.

Because without their books, courses, and advice – I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

My Story

My first experience with this industry was over 10 years ago.

My girlfriend was taking a leadership course in high school. She was required to read a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

I had no real interest in the book. But one day she left it at my house, and with nothing else to do, I read it.

And I was hooked.

The idea of growing in the major aspects of your life was hugely appealing to me. And what really struck me was the complete LACK of it I’d seen in every person I’d ever met… NOBODY was practicing these philosophies.

(Not even my girlfriend, who had to read it).

But to me, it seemed like a no-brainer. If you could improve every important aspect of your life, why wouldn’t you do it?

So I spent the next several years reading books and learning more about it. I especially focused on productivity and goal achieving.

(I even started my old blog on productivity).

Here’s a small sample of the literature I’ve read:

1. Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
2. Smart Choices
3. How to Win Friends and Influence People
4. The Power of Full Engagement
5. Please Understand Me II
6. Super Memory – Super Student
7. The Athlete’s Way
8. Unleash the Warrior Within
9. And many more…

Naturally, after reading and writing about so much, I started posting on other self-help and personal development blogs as well.

(As I mentioned earlier).

After investing myself so heavily into this field, I decided – I want my career to be sharing my love of self-help and personal development with others.

And the outcome of this was copywriting.

From Blogger to Copywriter

I’d actually learned many copywriting techniques writing as a blogger, such as:

1. “Harmonizing” with the reader. Using statements readers will agree with or find interesting. This pulls readers deeper into my writing… and as they “nod in agreement” with what I write, they compulsively read along.
2. Using the 4U’s to strengthen my headlines. These create stronger headlines that grab more eyeballs and push them to the first sentence of my writing.
3. Creating a “slippery slide.” Using a combination of techniques, readers will “slide” to the end of my writing (as if on a greased-up slide). This propels them to my call to action at the end.

And after learning this and many more techniques, I knew I found something special. I got serious and purchased some books on copywriting. I studied classic and modern copywriting books, such as:

1. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word (Joseph Sugarman)
2. Breakthrough Advertising (Eugene Schwartz)
3. Great Leads – The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message (Michael Masterson and John Forde)
4.  Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins

And I took on many copywriting programs as well, such as AWAI’s (American Writers and Artists Inc):

1. Accelerated Copywriting Training Program. The gold standard in copywriting training.
2. Self-Help Program. A specialized course that helped me better understand the thoughts and desires of the self-help market.
3. Wealthy Web Writer. A source of copywriting information that provides writing, productivity, and lifestyle advice as well.
4. Professional Writer’s Alliance. A network of fellow copywriting professionals. We are dedicated towards mastering copywriting and building our businesses.

…Copywriting became my new adventure. My new personal development opportunity.

And so here I am today.

A full-fledged self-help and personal development freelance copywriter.

(Quite a mouthful, I know).

And I want to use my copywriting skills… to promote the industry that I know and love so much to the rest of the world.

All the books… the courses… the CD programs… the seminars… the fitness and nutrition systems… and more… I want everyone to know about.

Where to now?

If you’d like to know more about my services, take a look at what I have to offer. I’m sure what you’re looking for is available.

Already know what you want? Then head on over to my contact page and let’s go ahead and get your marketing and copywriting needs handled right away.