About Me

“Want more customers from your business’s website or online store?”

…Then high-converting web copy is what you need.

You probably took a stab at writing your own web copy. “How hard could it be?” you thought. So your web copy focused on:

  • You and your company or online store (e.g. We are the leading brand…, We’ve got many satisfied customers…)
  • Features instead of benefits (Your product has “dual layering?” So what?)
  • Sounding impressive or “smart” instead of conversational (Nobody wants to talk to a know-it-all)

…And then you hoped for the best.

But it didn’t work out as well as you hoped. You weren’t getting the conversions you wanted. Nobody was biting. Nobody seemed remotely interested in your offer.

But now you’re serious.

You now understand the power of persuasive copy. And you understand that you’re losing money without it.

Now you’re ready to fix that.

Who am I?

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My name is Ericson and I’m a freelance copywriter.

I started my online career as a freelance blogger. I learned much about blogging and internet marketing, and had a blast doing it.

Inevitably, I learned about web copywriting and was fascinated by it. As a huge fan of psychology, learning about persuasion and it’s relationship with copywriting hooked me.

At that point, I knew copywriting was for me.

Now I help small-businesses and online store owners create web copy that gets results.

So if you need high-converting web copy for your business’s website or online store, learn more about my copywriting services or contact me today to get started.

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